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All Saints’ Church does Sunday mornings really well. The sermon relates Jesus’ earthly ministry to our contemporary lives while always challenging us to share in whatever ways we can the message of love and reconciliation with our weekday world. Music gives everyone an opportunity to lift their voices in prayer and thanksgiving and is supported beautifully by our organist/music director, Sara Della Posta, and a small yet full-voiced choir.  Newcomers are greeted warmly and graciously and are encouraged to join us at coffee hour.




Our congregation maintains a substantial commitment to the

Carver Center, a community center in Port Chester, New York that has served underprivileged children and teens, and needy adults and seniors, for more than 70 years. We serve a Saturday noontime meal at the Carver Center every six weeks during the school year, and we send our diners home with as many meals as we serve. Numerous families participate.

Our music series, Concerts at the Saints, organized and promoted by our music director, has introduced many people in our community to All Saints’ Church. This year's series has eight concerts with variety of music appealing to many different tastes in our community from bluegrass, rock, jazz and blues to Japanese folk and European classical music.

Our Webster Avenue Nursery School is fully subscribed and is very well respected in the community. Its curriculum and programs have been overhauled over the past seven years, including the ability to serve some children with special needs in a fully integrated classroom. Our school director, Eileen Mauro, works with administrators at six

area school districts to ensure that our students are prepared for kindergarten. Ms. Mauro is also our properties manager and is a real asset in that role because she is on campus Monday through Friday and has hands-on knowledge of long-range issues and day-to-day upkeep needs. 





Our Thrift Shop, managed by a parishioner and a faithful group

of volunteers, provides a great service to our community while providing thousands of dollars each year for various capital improvement necessities.


All Saints’ Interim Rector has helped the Vestry tackle and support a number of projects to encourage change and growth. These include the physical changes to our worship space; a series of cottage meetings more than a year ago to explore our collective vision for ministries (our concert series was one direct result of these conversations); and the not-insignificant investment in our conditions survey.

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