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Church Growth Tasks


1. Lead All Saints’ to connect with the wider community of Harrison in ways we have not yet imagined. Our physical proximity to the downtown, central business district offers ample opportunity to engage our neighbors through our building (for instance, the local music school now uses our worship space for semi-annual recitals). Not only should we seek out more collaborations like this, we should be deliberate in creating engagement around our core purpose: to embrace God’s love and pass it on. What are the needs in our community? How can we help beyond opening our doors on Sunday morning? How can the members of our parish work with our new, part-time priest to understand and make important connections that will allow us to grow through service and a relevant message? 



2. Guide lay leadership in the development of a comprehensive strategy for growth that embraces
all aspects of our parish life.


3. Develop consistent messages
and communication methods for outreach and a welcome/orientation plan for new members.


4. Nurture All Saints’ vibrant new music program and strong fellowship.

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