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1. All Saints’ Church in Harrison is a thriving, growing and vibrant parish that maintains continuity of longstanding members and is dynamic in its appeal to new members. In partnership with our new priest, we want to grow the parish 20 percent in three years.

2. All Saints’ is a creative and generous community with the opportunity to enhance our presence in our local community. We seek to do this through a combination of outreach, leadership of our priest in community affairs and education, continuation of our music programs, fellowship and volunteerism of our members. Within the next three years, we hope be recognized as a significant contributor to the spiritual and cultural fabric of the Town of Harrison.

3. By carefully planning and executing a robust stewardship program, we expect to have the financial resources to grow the parish and diversify our membership base. Specifically, we want to achieve an annual increase of 10 percent for each of the next three years in our average pledge.

4. We would like to build on the past successes of our parish while remaining receptive—and indeed inviting—change. We need to develop innovative and creative youth programming to attract diverse families and foster greater involvement throughout the parish in worship activities. We would like to more fully incorporate children into the life of our parish on Sunday mornings, as children are a lively presence on our campus during the week in nursery school and childcare programs.

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