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Rectory next door to church

Buildings and Property

The physical plant at All Saints’ Church is relatively strong though in need of updating. In 2013 the Vestry undertook a comprehensive architectural study of the interior and exterior of our buildings and grounds. The facilities include a main church building, comprised of our sanctuary and related spaces, choir room and classrooms; the MacNaught House, which contains administrative offices and meeting spaces; our rectory, which is a beautiful three-bedroom Victorian on well-maintained grounds; and our education wing, which includes our parish hall, classrooms and Thrift Shop.  The study was performed by Lichten Craig Donaldson Architects LLP (New York City) and the results were shared with the Vestry and with parishioners.  


The study revealed the need for investment in upgrades to the rectory,

parish offices and areas like storm drainage, plumbing, windows and HVAC. Also, it made recommendations for enhanced office functioning, ADA upgrades for restrooms, and cosmetic enhancements to the interior and exterior of the property.


Since the study was completed, the interior of the church was painted in 2014.


The Vestry at All Saints’ is developing
a program to raise capital to update
and renovate the rectory and the administrative offices and meeting spaces in the MacNaught House. We intend to have these plans well underway by the time we call a Priest-in-Charge and will set aside funds to spend at our new priest’s discretion to decorate and outfit our rectory and his or her office.


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